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About Us

About Us


All about Firebrand LLC


Firebrand LLC was formed way back in 1990. For years I had been working as a service technician working on all kinds of stoves. Wood, Pellet and coal stoves. I got to doing some figuring one day while driving from one job to the next, the amount of time it took to get each stove burning to do final checks was staggering. For example to light a pellet stove using the fire lighters of the day it took approximately 20 minutes to get the stove lite and up to temperature to check all that needed checking.


In one day having 6 stops and adding up the 20 minutes per stop it took to lite the stoves it came up to 120 minutes wasted, waiting. In those 120 minutes I could of, theoretically, fixed one or two more stoves.  My brother and I started experimenting with different fire lighter ideas. This is where our Patented Fire starting pellets came from (US PATENT 5,296,004). 


Because the most common fire lighter in the late 80's and early 90's were gelled alcohols. I then decided to make a better gel - One that actually worked like advertised. This is how the  Firebrand Liquid Pellets gel  came into being. Our gel is quite literally The hottest gel on the market. No expense was spared to make sure that our gel would actually light your fire - First time and every time. Working better means you use less. 


Next on the list was how to keep the glass clean without making a mess. The liquids of the day were runny and had a bad smell (Caustic Soda was the active ingredient) Not so good to have around children or pets. Dry Clean Glass Cleaner is a cream and seems to dry on the glass almost on contact. The formulation is designed to act as a cleaner that turns into a polish. You get the best of both worlds.  It does an excellent job of cleaning the glass on all stoves but is especially good on gas stove glass.  


Last but not least,  our Firebrand HEAT.  This was developed as an emergency heat source. It can be used to heat food, water or be used to heat your hands. A very good thing to carry if you go hiking, camping, snowmobiling, cross country skiing etc... Also, If you have a power outage and need light, heat or need to cook up those beans you have been saving !!


 We are working on several more items -

  • Tiki torch fuel
  • Gelled alcohol for gelled alcohol burning stoves or fireplaces
  • Marine cook stove fuels
  • Gelled alcohol for lighting charcoal briquettes safely and FAST....

Check back often to check out the availability for these New, Innovative and necessary products.


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Be Prepared!

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